Jasper update 6/27/12

Jasper update 6/27/12
We went to see Jasper and he was very vocal in expressing his joy to see us. We worked his hind legs in a back and forth motion again. Not as stiff today. His is trying to use his right leg. The left leg is still responsive and you can feel the muscle flex when he wants to move around. Circulation is also good. Blood tests all came back normal. Nothing abnormal. We are still waiting to hear from the neurologist, Dr Chauvet. His little butt is red but looking better. He was on IV fluids for dehydration because he has diarrhea again. Not sure if that is related to why his legs aren’t working. All speculation is toward neurological / developmental and or if it is degenerative.

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Jasper update 6/26/12

Jasper update 6/26/12
I went to see Jasper today. He has just had a bath, gone to potty and had dinner. Abby, the sweet Vet Tech had been putting the Celendula Gell on his booty all day and it looked so much better. I held him and kissed him and he started to purr, very loudly. He fell alseep and I just held for about 30 minutes. My skin never left him. I kissed him, rubbed my cheek, chin and face on his head and face the entire time. He woke up stretched and looked really good. Felt good about leaving him. We had some good moments together today. He was less fussy today. I worked his hind legs back and forth a bit as if a physical therapist would. He seemed a bit more flexible. Had blood work done and waiting for that to come back and to hear what Dr Chauvet has to say.

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Jasper update June 23 – June 25, 2012

We took Jasper back up to the vet. We couldnt get him to eat. We spent the last week on rotation of food, water and litter box. We were exhausted. He was admitted to the Vet hospital. Blood panel was ordered. We were so sad to leave him at the hospital. We took his Bunny to stay in the cage with him. The all couldnt get over how much Jasper loved his Bunny. He sleeps in the lap of his Bunny or holding on to it. So sweet.

Jasper diarrhea is back full force. He cant walk so the poop and pee are burnig his butt worse than ever. He looks like a Baboon. Red and raw even halfway down his tail.

Kelly and I went up to the vet to visit Jasper and gave him a bath. Since he cant walk, his butt is raw again from going to potty. Kelly went home and brought back the Calendula Gel to put on his raw little bottom. He was quite verbal. After about an hour with him, he finally fell asleep and Kelly put him back in his cage.
Xrays and comments were sent from our vet to a neurologist in Sarasota, FL, Dr Chauvet. His right leg seems a bit responsive but draggy. Left leg is stiff and fully extended. Waiting…

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Jasper – June 18, 2012 Rough Weekend

We are just exhuasted and Jasper was still sick all last week but was doing so much better. We started to see “form” with his stool. Friday, he seemed quite lethargic. Saturday morning he didnt really want to move around to much. Later in the afternoon, we noticed he was having trouble walking. By Sunday evening, he had lost control of his tail, his bladder and his legs. He was pitiful and so tiny. He only weighed 2.2 lbs.
We were terrified and got up early Monday morning and went to the Vet. The vet was unsure what the problem was. Xray did not show anything out of the normal. It could be a virus. More meds for our little Jasper.
We are at the vet so often that Jasper has become quite popular. Everyone knows his hame.

We are now haveing to take him to the litter box and hold him up so he can go potty. We did this every 4 hours to prevent any messes. along with still making sure he gets water and food every 2 and 4 hours. !!!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Call us crazy but we had to take a picture. Jasper took a poopy and it was starting to firm up. We were so excited. This poor guy has had diahrrea for what we know to be 3 weeks. We have no idea about his first 4 weeks of life. It was a good day. Thinking maybe the chicken and rice is helping.

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Monday, June 4- 9, 2012

This was a rough couple of weeks. Jasper has had diahrrea for 2 weeks. He hada de-wormer and treated for coccidia. He was dehydrated and running a fever. We have been force feeding him and giving him water via syringe. THe diahrrea is wearing him down. His butt was bloody raw. The vet decided to keep him and put him n IV fluids and an anitiotic. We went to visit him everyday. He slept alot since he didnt feel good.
On Thursday poor Cleo had to have some teeth removed, 3 total. She was so pitiful but the drugs were great! She was so sweet and loveable on drugs. HaHa.

We are not really sure what was wrong with Jasper but by Saturday morning he was just sitting in a cage at the vet, so I went to get him. We brought him home and he was still underweight, not really eating and drinking very much and still had diahrrea. We decided on a name. His coloring and spots were similar to the Jasper Healing Stone and it fit him perfect. Jasper it is. We are exhausted and considering going to another vet for advice on the diahrrea. We are going on 3 weeks of diahrrea and his little hiney was raw. We were feeding him chicked and rice, with soft gastro specific food, mixed with KMR and feeding him via syringe. I put it all in the blender. It smells terrible. We are also giving him water via syringe. This was going on ever 2 and 4 hours. He was using the litter box all on his own and great at it, I might add. He was obssessed with covering his stuff!!! He was awesome. We would clean his rear end to help keep his butt from being so raw.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

We had discovered that Oscar had lost a fang. Yep, how that just disappears is beyond me. We took hime for a vet visit only to discover he has to have 3 other teeth removed. he did great. Took him a few days, some pain meds and some really good soft food and he was up and about. we somewhat felt guilty, because we had attributed Oscars behavior towards everyone as sadness and depression at the lost of Felix. We are sure that did have alot to do with his feelings but how long had he been suffering this awful toothache? Once he recovered, he started talking, loudly in the middle of the night again. Cant tell you how happy we were to be awakened by Oscar and his howl. Made us feel that Oscar was feeling like himself again.

On this same visit, we decided to make another drastic change in our lives. We met this little 4 week old kitten. THe vet was referring to him as the redbox kitty. An employee of the Sweetbay Grocery store found him. He was one of 4 kittens tossed from a car. 2 didnt make it, the other lost a front leg but has been adopted and we decided to take this little guy home and give him a chance. 4 weeks old and only 1.5 lbs. soooooo tiny

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April 2012

The transition for all of us has been slow but we are all ajusting. Settling in with the new kids, Clint and Franklin, adjusting to Felix not being around and watching, Squeeker, Cleo and Oscar adjust to the changes. Our stress level was better with Clint and Franklin and also with everyone being “well” we were sleeping better. Oscar is curious about Franklin but stays clear of Clint. Squeeker, even though she is blind and deaf, set her ground with Clint and Franklin immediatly. She is the boss and they already know not to mess with her. Cleo is pissed off with all of us and spends all of her time in the guest room. We feel so bad for her. We have been trying herbal and holistic rememdies and healing rocks with her. Ony time will tell.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today, Franklin was neutered. Over the weekend he started the “spraying” and we immediately called and setup the “fixin”. He did so good with the surgery. They now do the neutering differently, less invasive. We brought him home and it was no time and he was back to normal.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We decided to give Oscar a full check up. We have been worried so we wanted to make sure Oscar was doing alright. Happy to report that his exam and full blood work up came back all clear !!!! Our old man is healthy !!!

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