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Our Story About Franklin Family Pride

Our webiste, blog and story is dedicated to our furry children, Squeeker, Felix, Oscar, Cleo, Clint, Franklin and Jasper.

Some of you may already know but we are both cat lovers.  We have 6 furry children from the ages of 15 1/2 years to 16 weeks.  Unfortunately, in February, we lost our beloved Felix to complications of Colon Cancer.  2012 has been a rough year so far.  Our little Jasper, only 16 weeks old, has paralyzed back legs and on 7/2/12 Squeeker had a stroke.

Medical care, Feline Cardiologist & Neurologists care, General Vets visits, medicines,  supplies, diapers and the necessities all add up.  We are saving for an MRI, CAT SCAN and possible spinal surgery.  Also to purchase the unit to perform full time the COLD LASER THERAPY.

Please meet each one of our kids and read their story about their lives with us. We have other pages on our site to with information that might help you in some way using our experiences.

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