Jasper update July 11, 2012

Jasper update 7/11/12.
Today has been very emotional. Jasper wears a diaper all the time when he is out of his “apartment”. He is a constant peepee machine.
Sad news to report today is that over the last couple of days we notice he was not using the right leg very much. Today he has not used it all. At one point he was dragging himself to the food bowl with the left leg stiff and completely forward, the right leg limp and dragging behind him. We are afraid he is loosing or has already lost the use of his right back leg as well. I also noticed a slight tremor in his front right leg today. We will keep an eye on that. He has not moved around the house like normal today. He will play with his toys but lays on his side to do so.
In this photo Jasper is giving Franklin a good bite to the neck. Notice his left back leg is extended straight out in front. That is his right leg sticking out from under his left booty. The left leg is stiff and the right one is limp.

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