Squeeker update July 11, 2012

Squeeker update 7/11/12
As I said in Jasper’s update, today has been very emotional…for the bad and the good.
GREAT NEWS TODAY FOR SQUEEKER !!!! I was at my desk, Squeeker was lying on the floor in front of my desk with the morning sun in on her. Kelly walked by and yelled out for me to look ….SHE STOOD UP ALL BY HERSELF !!!! Can you believe it? It only lasted about 3 seconds but she did it. She then just fell over and took a long nap. It really wore her out. As for Kelly and I we stood there in amazement at her determination and strength. We both shed tears of joy. We are hopeful for a full recovery. She is amazing.
Unfortunately, it was so quick we didn’t get a photo or a video.
This photo is from today. She can hold her upper body up by herself. Not for long periods of time but she sure is trying hard.

Kelly built a wheelchair/gurney/cart for Squeeker in order to help her walk and exercise. She doenst like the cart at all. She sure can use the leg muscles to throw herself out of it. At least she is using those muscles. We still have to make some adjustments and I still have to finish the sewing. Cute Squeeker doing her physical therapy

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