July 5, 2012 4pm

7/5/12 4pm
It has been a crazy busy few days so I am way behind on the update of Jasper and Squeeker.

Jasper and Squeeker had a nap together today.

Jasper is doing fantastic. He started a tiny Steroid dose and we think it is helping. He has being trying to use that right leg some. The left leg is just in the way. We have been exercising it to prevent stiffness but no matter what we do, it does seem to get more stiff with each day. He has graduated from baths in the sink to tub. Getting him used to being in the water for future water physical therapy. He fusses but takes it like a champ. Tail is still limp. Poop looks just about perfect ! Hit booty LOOKS AWESOME !!!! Bath twice a day and Calendula Gel have made a huge difference. Try to post videos soon.

Squeeker is one amazing lady. We now think the stroke is related to thyroid. She has hyperthyroidism and has been taking medication for it for over a year. In April her levels were really low so they reduced her medication. – Hyypothyroid. Her levels are back up again so we have to find that middle of dosage to regulate. This could have been the cause of the stroke.
She had the stroke sometime early Monday morning. Yesterday (Wednesday) she could life her lift head. Today (Thursday) she rolled over all by herself. We were thrilled. We also started her on a Steroid dose to help reduce any swelling. Her appetite is great. We use a syringe and give her water. Since she take meds for blood pressure and thyroid, we make sure that she gets plenty of water. Measured out to ensure she does not get dehydrated. We are hopeful that she can gain more mobility with each day. We are also giving her physical therapy to help prevent any muscle loss.

Kelly is building Jasper a “walker” for his back legs. Very similar to what we all used as babies. He also building a transport for Squeeker. Hard to explain but once he has it finished I will post pictures.

Oscar has been acting strange but we believe it all has to do with Squeeker. He is worried he checks on her and smells her and then sits and looks at her. He knows something is wrong. It breaks my heart to see him like that. First he lost Felix and now something is wrong with Squeeker. It truly bothers him.

Franklin and Clint are AWESOME with Jasper. He gets good exercise playing with them. Franklin and Clint also help with the bathing, whether Jasper likes it or not.

We are exhausted but not complaining at all. I will, at sometime, list our the events of the day. It has become a full time job. WE LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT. now if we can figure out how to get paid for it.

Lots of pictures and videos to come soon.

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