Update – 2nd post of the day – July 2, 2012

Jasper has had his bath and tucked away in bed in his “apartment” /crate for the night. Squeeker is lying between us in bed. She is on a pee pad. Still no change. I made baked organic grain fed chicken and she ate about 3 TBSP. And we used a syringe to give her water. She is resting right now. Just lying there. For those who do not know., this is our first kitty. She will be 16 in February. She takes meds for high blood pressure and meds for hyperthyroid. In the past she has had an enlarged heart due to both of the above. She is blind and deaf but still tells us all what to do. We refuse to give up on her now. She is our baby girl. We will hold her till the very end…. thank you all so much. You prayers, thought, positive energy… no matter how it comes…it is appreciated. It is important to us that you, a cat lover or not, understand our compassion and love for this furry child of ours. We love you and it will never be forgotten.

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