Squeeker – July 2, 2012

Squeeker, we woke up this morning and Squeeker was just lying in the middle of the living room floor next to a huge puddle of her peepee. She would blink and talk (moving her mouth but no sound. This is normal)but couldnt move her head, life her head, move her body legs and rolloever nothing…after 6 hours at the vet…we aren’t really sure. she is 15 1/2 years old. Possible Spinal Infarct, stroke, Embolism…not sure. Our time maybe limited. We choose to bring her home. she is with us right now. We just held her head and fed her and she drank. basically just lays there. our hearts are heavy. Evidently…our plate wasnt quite full enough…

we thought it best she come home with the rest of the family. It is amazing how the animals are…its almost as if …they know…The others have all come over to her to bath her, hug her or something….quite amazing really. Heartbreaking, yet beautiful at the same time.

We have set a schedule for Squeeker along with Jasper. Squeeker cannot do anything so we have give her water every 2 hours and food every 4 hours. We will take her to the litter box when we feed her. We see severe exhuastion coming our way.

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