Jasper Update – July 1, 2012

Jasper update 7/1/12

Whew it has been a crazy few days ! Right now Jasper is a full time job. Jasper came home on Thursday evening. We were thrilled and frustrated at the same time.

We are frustrated that we still don’t have answers. We know what he DOESN’T have but still no explanation of why his back legs and tail are non responsive. Saving money to see the Neurologist in Sarasota, FL. We are also not sure if he always knows when he has to go pee-pee. He will go to the litter box and poo but sometimes he pees in his sleep. Needless to say…diapers are in order. Working on that right now.
Yes, he is getting around. It is somewhat hard to explain. He pulls himself around by his front legs. The left back leg is sticking out forward and the back right leg drags behind him. and he just scoots every where. The tile makes it easier for him to shuffle around.

We went and bought a dog crate big enough for a big dog, we call it Jasper’s Apartment. At night we close him in there so he doesn’t potty all over the house. He actually likes it. We have his bed, bunny, blanket, toys, litter box, food and water in there. We leave it open comes and goes as he likes. He feels comfortable in there. We are making handicap ramps for the patio lip and also for his “apartment” for easier access. He has trouble getting in and out. He gets around incredibly well hauling those legs. Kelly is also building him a wheelchair/rolling sling.
I will post more on the wheelchair and the diaper situation later.
He is getting used to taking a bath. He gets one twice a day in the sink.

We are so glad he is home and so he JASPER. His butt and tail are healing and starting to scab over. It is going to be a long road but his gentle, sweet and loving nature makes it much easier for us to handle.

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