Jasper update June 23 – June 25, 2012

We took Jasper back up to the vet. We couldnt get him to eat. We spent the last week on rotation of food, water and litter box. We were exhausted. He was admitted to the Vet hospital. Blood panel was ordered. We were so sad to leave him at the hospital. We took his Bunny to stay in the cage with him. The all couldnt get over how much Jasper loved his Bunny. He sleeps in the lap of his Bunny or holding on to it. So sweet.

Jasper diarrhea is back full force. He cant walk so the poop and pee are burnig his butt worse than ever. He looks like a Baboon. Red and raw even halfway down his tail.

Kelly and I went up to the vet to visit Jasper and gave him a bath. Since he cant walk, his butt is raw again from going to potty. Kelly went home and brought back the Calendula Gel to put on his raw little bottom. He was quite verbal. After about an hour with him, he finally fell asleep and Kelly put him back in his cage.
Xrays and comments were sent from our vet to a neurologist in Sarasota, FL, Dr Chauvet. His right leg seems a bit responsive but draggy. Left leg is stiff and fully extended. Waiting…

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