Jasper – June 18, 2012 Rough Weekend

We are just exhuasted and Jasper was still sick all last week but was doing so much better. We started to see “form” with his stool. Friday, he seemed quite lethargic. Saturday morning he didnt really want to move around to much. Later in the afternoon, we noticed he was having trouble walking. By Sunday evening, he had lost control of his tail, his bladder and his legs. He was pitiful and so tiny. He only weighed 2.2 lbs.
We were terrified and got up early Monday morning and went to the Vet. The vet was unsure what the problem was. Xray did not show anything out of the normal. It could be a virus. More meds for our little Jasper.
We are at the vet so often that Jasper has become quite popular. Everyone knows his hame.

We are now haveing to take him to the litter box and hold him up so he can go potty. We did this every 4 hours to prevent any messes. along with still making sure he gets water and food every 2 and 4 hours. !!!

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