Monday, June 4- 9, 2012

This was a rough couple of weeks. Jasper has had diahrrea for 2 weeks. He hada de-wormer and treated for coccidia. He was dehydrated and running a fever. We have been force feeding him and giving him water via syringe. THe diahrrea is wearing him down. His butt was bloody raw. The vet decided to keep him and put him n IV fluids and an anitiotic. We went to visit him everyday. He slept alot since he didnt feel good.
On Thursday poor Cleo had to have some teeth removed, 3 total. She was so pitiful but the drugs were great! She was so sweet and loveable on drugs. HaHa.

We are not really sure what was wrong with Jasper but by Saturday morning he was just sitting in a cage at the vet, so I went to get him. We brought him home and he was still underweight, not really eating and drinking very much and still had diahrrea. We decided on a name. His coloring and spots were similar to the Jasper Healing Stone and it fit him perfect. Jasper it is. We are exhausted and considering going to another vet for advice on the diahrrea. We are going on 3 weeks of diahrrea and his little hiney was raw. We were feeding him chicked and rice, with soft gastro specific food, mixed with KMR and feeding him via syringe. I put it all in the blender. It smells terrible. We are also giving him water via syringe. This was going on ever 2 and 4 hours. He was using the litter box all on his own and great at it, I might add. He was obssessed with covering his stuff!!! He was awesome. We would clean his rear end to help keep his butt from being so raw.

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