July 18, 2012

I am sorry for not posting pictures and info, but things are truly looking up around here. Jasper has more energy the last 3 days than he has had in first 3 months!!! Our Queen Squeeker is just and inspiration. All is well.
All of your prayers, thoughts, positive energy, along with steroids, antibiotics, holistic meds, physical therapy, lots of lovin and cold laser therapy are TOTALLY PAYING OFF!!!

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Squeeker update July 11, 2012

Squeeker update 7/11/12
As I said in Jasper’s update, today has been very emotional…for the bad and the good.
GREAT NEWS TODAY FOR SQUEEKER !!!! I was at my desk, Squeeker was lying on the floor in front of my desk with the morning sun in on her. Kelly walked by and yelled out for me to look ….SHE STOOD UP ALL BY HERSELF !!!! Can you believe it? It only lasted about 3 seconds but she did it. She then just fell over and took a long nap. It really wore her out. As for Kelly and I we stood there in amazement at her determination and strength. We both shed tears of joy. We are hopeful for a full recovery. She is amazing.
Unfortunately, it was so quick we didn’t get a photo or a video.
This photo is from today. She can hold her upper body up by herself. Not for long periods of time but she sure is trying hard.

Kelly built a wheelchair/gurney/cart for Squeeker in order to help her walk and exercise. She doenst like the cart at all. She sure can use the leg muscles to throw herself out of it. At least she is using those muscles. We still have to make some adjustments and I still have to finish the sewing. Cute Squeeker doing her physical therapy

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Jasper update July 11, 2012

Jasper update 7/11/12.
Today has been very emotional. Jasper wears a diaper all the time when he is out of his “apartment”. He is a constant peepee machine.
Sad news to report today is that over the last couple of days we notice he was not using the right leg very much. Today he has not used it all. At one point he was dragging himself to the food bowl with the left leg stiff and completely forward, the right leg limp and dragging behind him. We are afraid he is loosing or has already lost the use of his right back leg as well. I also noticed a slight tremor in his front right leg today. We will keep an eye on that. He has not moved around the house like normal today. He will play with his toys but lays on his side to do so.
In this photo Jasper is giving Franklin a good bite to the neck. Notice his left back leg is extended straight out in front. That is his right leg sticking out from under his left booty. The left leg is stiff and the right one is limp.

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Jasper update July 9, 2012

Well another day at the Vet. Jasper was lethargic yesterday and we noticed at the base of his tail was really swollen. This morning was the same and we thought he might be running a fever. And as we thought…infection in the tail. A trip to the Vet and an abscess on his tail. Drained, antibiotics and pain meds. Bladder is wearing us down. He constantly piddles when he moves around. He is like a little snail….he leaves a trial behind him. so…on went the puppy diaper. We should get the custom diaper in the next couple of days. He doesnt like it, but he doesnt seem to fight it.

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Jasper Update July 6, 2012

Jasper graduated from the sink to the tub. He is such a big boy now !!! With a little help from Franklin and Daddy, Jasper smells sooooo good !!!! He fussed and didnt like it very much but he will hopefully get used to it. We gave Squeeker a bath this morning. It was quite the circus. Kelly and I trying to bath her while Clint and Franklin played in the water flinging water all over the walls, floors, ceilings….and mom and dad.

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July 5, 2012 evening

Im getting better all the time and I am getting some special treatment. Im snuggled up with my Hello Kitty blanket and my favorite Bear (which no longer has a nose, eyes or arms) and Im right between my mom and dad. AAAAHHHH Nighty Nite !!!

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July 5, 2012 4pm

7/5/12 4pm
It has been a crazy busy few days so I am way behind on the update of Jasper and Squeeker.

Jasper and Squeeker had a nap together today.

Jasper is doing fantastic. He started a tiny Steroid dose and we think it is helping. He has being trying to use that right leg some. The left leg is just in the way. We have been exercising it to prevent stiffness but no matter what we do, it does seem to get more stiff with each day. He has graduated from baths in the sink to tub. Getting him used to being in the water for future water physical therapy. He fusses but takes it like a champ. Tail is still limp. Poop looks just about perfect ! Hit booty LOOKS AWESOME !!!! Bath twice a day and Calendula Gel have made a huge difference. Try to post videos soon.

Squeeker is one amazing lady. We now think the stroke is related to thyroid. She has hyperthyroidism and has been taking medication for it for over a year. In April her levels were really low so they reduced her medication. – Hyypothyroid. Her levels are back up again so we have to find that middle of dosage to regulate. This could have been the cause of the stroke.
She had the stroke sometime early Monday morning. Yesterday (Wednesday) she could life her lift head. Today (Thursday) she rolled over all by herself. We were thrilled. We also started her on a Steroid dose to help reduce any swelling. Her appetite is great. We use a syringe and give her water. Since she take meds for blood pressure and thyroid, we make sure that she gets plenty of water. Measured out to ensure she does not get dehydrated. We are hopeful that she can gain more mobility with each day. We are also giving her physical therapy to help prevent any muscle loss.

Kelly is building Jasper a “walker” for his back legs. Very similar to what we all used as babies. He also building a transport for Squeeker. Hard to explain but once he has it finished I will post pictures.

Oscar has been acting strange but we believe it all has to do with Squeeker. He is worried he checks on her and smells her and then sits and looks at her. He knows something is wrong. It breaks my heart to see him like that. First he lost Felix and now something is wrong with Squeeker. It truly bothers him.

Franklin and Clint are AWESOME with Jasper. He gets good exercise playing with them. Franklin and Clint also help with the bathing, whether Jasper likes it or not.

We are exhausted but not complaining at all. I will, at sometime, list our the events of the day. It has become a full time job. WE LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT. now if we can figure out how to get paid for it.

Lots of pictures and videos to come soon.

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Update – 2nd post of the day – July 2, 2012

Jasper has had his bath and tucked away in bed in his “apartment” /crate for the night. Squeeker is lying between us in bed. She is on a pee pad. Still no change. I made baked organic grain fed chicken and she ate about 3 TBSP. And we used a syringe to give her water. She is resting right now. Just lying there. For those who do not know., this is our first kitty. She will be 16 in February. She takes meds for high blood pressure and meds for hyperthyroid. In the past she has had an enlarged heart due to both of the above. She is blind and deaf but still tells us all what to do. We refuse to give up on her now. She is our baby girl. We will hold her till the very end…. thank you all so much. You prayers, thought, positive energy… no matter how it comes…it is appreciated. It is important to us that you, a cat lover or not, understand our compassion and love for this furry child of ours. We love you and it will never be forgotten.

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Squeeker – July 2, 2012

Squeeker, we woke up this morning and Squeeker was just lying in the middle of the living room floor next to a huge puddle of her peepee. She would blink and talk (moving her mouth but no sound. This is normal)but couldnt move her head, life her head, move her body legs and rolloever nothing…after 6 hours at the vet…we aren’t really sure. she is 15 1/2 years old. Possible Spinal Infarct, stroke, Embolism…not sure. Our time maybe limited. We choose to bring her home. she is with us right now. We just held her head and fed her and she drank. basically just lays there. our hearts are heavy. Evidently…our plate wasnt quite full enough…

we thought it best she come home with the rest of the family. It is amazing how the animals are…its almost as if …they know…The others have all come over to her to bath her, hug her or something….quite amazing really. Heartbreaking, yet beautiful at the same time.

We have set a schedule for Squeeker along with Jasper. Squeeker cannot do anything so we have give her water every 2 hours and food every 4 hours. We will take her to the litter box when we feed her. We see severe exhuastion coming our way.

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Jasper Update – July 1, 2012

Jasper update 7/1/12

Whew it has been a crazy few days ! Right now Jasper is a full time job. Jasper came home on Thursday evening. We were thrilled and frustrated at the same time.

We are frustrated that we still don’t have answers. We know what he DOESN’T have but still no explanation of why his back legs and tail are non responsive. Saving money to see the Neurologist in Sarasota, FL. We are also not sure if he always knows when he has to go pee-pee. He will go to the litter box and poo but sometimes he pees in his sleep. Needless to say…diapers are in order. Working on that right now.
Yes, he is getting around. It is somewhat hard to explain. He pulls himself around by his front legs. The left back leg is sticking out forward and the back right leg drags behind him. and he just scoots every where. The tile makes it easier for him to shuffle around.

We went and bought a dog crate big enough for a big dog, we call it Jasper’s Apartment. At night we close him in there so he doesn’t potty all over the house. He actually likes it. We have his bed, bunny, blanket, toys, litter box, food and water in there. We leave it open comes and goes as he likes. He feels comfortable in there. We are making handicap ramps for the patio lip and also for his “apartment” for easier access. He has trouble getting in and out. He gets around incredibly well hauling those legs. Kelly is also building him a wheelchair/rolling sling.
I will post more on the wheelchair and the diaper situation later.
He is getting used to taking a bath. He gets one twice a day in the sink.

We are so glad he is home and so he JASPER. His butt and tail are healing and starting to scab over. It is going to be a long road but his gentle, sweet and loving nature makes it much easier for us to handle.

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